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Hadrian's Wall - ART CARD

Hadrian's Wall - ART CARD



You can pick 4 from any of the different designs.


This Hadrian's Wall art card is the perfect way to show your appreciation for this ancient structure. The card features a stunning watercolour painting of the wall, set against a backdrop of brooding clouds. Blank on the inside, it allows you to write your own personal message to the recipient. This art card is a wonderful way to celebrate the history and beauty of this remarkable landmark.


The text on the back says:


Emperor Hadrian gave orders to build the wall following a visit in 122 AD. The wall was constructed to defend against barbarian raids and was the northwest frontier of the Roman Empire for nearly 300 years. It took at least 6 years to complete and covered 73 miles from Bowness-on-Solway in the west, to Wallsend in the east.


The landscape of Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Site is very dramatic. Known for its brooding skies, weathered rock, and gnarled, windswept trees, this is some of Britain’s wildest countryside.



David Holliday is a professional watercolour artist based in Northumberland. His paintings range from townscapes to wide open beaches, and from moody landscapes to puffins and pigeon houses.

Cards Size 14.5cm by 14.5cm


White / blank on the inside.


The card is wrapped in a biodegradable bag.


Comes with a white envelope.


Printed on FSC certified card. ( Forest Stewardship Council )

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