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Red Squirrel - ART CARD

Red Squirrel - ART CARD



You can pick 4 from any of the different designs.


This unique art card featuring a Red Squirrel is perfect for any nature enthusiast. The blank inside allows you to customize your message to friends and family. These elusive creatures are sure to brighten up any home or office. The card comes with a matching envelope for easy gifting or mailing. Show your appreciation for nature with this beautiful card



The text on the back says:


The Red Squirrel is native to Great Britain but their numbers have dwindled due to road traffic, disease and the introduction of the American Grey Squirrel. The Greys feed more effectively than the Reds, harvesting the majority of available food from a wider area and storing it in multiple places. Now confined to areas of Northern England and Scotland the Forestry Commission is under going a long term strategy to deter the Greys and encourage the Reds.


David Holliday is a professional watercolour artist based in Northumberland. His paintings range from townscapes to wide open beaches, and from moody landscapes to puffins and pigeon houses.

Cards Size 14.5cm by 14.5cm


White / blank on the inside.


The card is wrapped in a biodegradable bag.


Comes with a white envelope.


Printed on FSC certified card. ( Forest Stewardship Council )

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