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Robin Hood's Tree - Sycamore Gap - ART CARD

Robin Hood's Tree - Sycamore Gap - ART CARD



You can pick 4 from any of the different designs.


This Robin Hood's Tree art card is the perfect way to add a magical touch to any occasion. Blank on the inside, it features a beautiful painting of the legendary Sycamore Gap in Northumberland, with The Northern Lights cascading above. Printed on high-quality FSC certified card, it's a unique and memorable way to send your best wishes.


The text on the back says:


This dramatic, solitary place is one of the most stunning sections of Hadrian’s Wall. Officially called Sycamore Gap, but now also known as Robin Hood’s Tree, It has been made famous by the film industry. This image captures a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights in beautiful watercolour.


David Holliday is a professional watercolour artist based in Northumberland. His paintings range from townscapes to wide open beaches, and from moody landscapes to puffins and pigeon houses.

Cards Size 14.5cm by 14.5cm.


The card is wrapped in a biodegradable bag.


Comes with a white envelope.


Printed on FSC certified card. ( Forest Stewardship Council )

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