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The Puffins of the Farne Islands Art Card by David Holliday

The Puffins of Staple Island - ART CARD



You can pick 4 from any of the different designs.


This art card features the whimsical Puffins of Staple Island, also known as the 'clowns of the sea'. The stunning illustration is printed on high quality card that is blank on the inside, giving you the freedom to write whatever message you'd like. Perfect for a special occasion or as a gift to a special someone, this art card is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.


The text on the back says:


This island is one of the Farne Islands, which are situated 2 to 5 miles off the Northumberland coast. The best time of the year to visit is May, June and July as many different species of sea birds, including Puffins, come to nest here. The Puffin is a member of the Auk Family and feeds primarily on fish. They nest in rabbit burrows and niches in cliffs. During the breading season they develop distinct, brightly coloured beaks. This has given rise to the names ‘Clown of the Sea’ and ‘Sea Parrot’.



David Holliday is a professional watercolour artist based in Northumberland. His paintings range from townscapes to wide open beaches, and from moody landscapes to puffins and pigeon houses.

Cards Size 14.5cm by 14.5cm


White / blank on the inside.


The card is wrapped in a biodegradable bag.


Comes with a white envelope.


Printed on FSC certified card. ( Forest Stewardship Council )

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